Construction Blueprint launches an Interactive Map with over 120 European best practices

The partners have identified innovative initiatives in eleven countries to which the consortium belongs, dealing with skill gaps and skills mismatches in the topics of Energy Efficiency, Digitalisation, Circular Economy or Occupational Health and Safety, available on the project website.

The Construction Blueprint project has published an “Interactive Map of Good Practices and Innovative Initiatives”, compiling 124 geo-referenced cases in the areas of Energy Efficiency, Digitisation, Circular Economy and Health and Safety, which have been identified by the partners in the countries participating in the consortium and their respective regions: Spain, Germany, Belgium, Slovenia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania and Poland.

These good practices seek to improve gaps and mismatches in building skills within areas such as energy efficiency, digitisation, circular economy or health and safety at work. In addition, the interactive map includes other initiatives that address other issues, such as facilitating mobility in Europe or actions to promote the attraction of professionals to the construction industry, especially young people and women.

Search filters

The map, which gathers all the information in an indexed database, allows the user to consult different cases in each country, by clicking directly on the one chosen by the user, or with a search filter, by selecting the country and the subject in the search menu of the map itself. Each case has a first brief description which, when clicked, leads to a file card detailing more information on the initiative (organization, main content, objectives, target groups and impact), which can also be downloaded.

Construction Blueprint is the Erasmus+ initiative led by the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción since January 2019, to establish the new Strategy on Construction skills in Europe.

The “Interactive Map of Good Practices and Innovative Initiatives” is one of the results of the project, together with the following ones that are being carried out:

  • Development of MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to raise awareness among construction workers on issues of immediate relevance to professional competences: Energy Efficiency, Digitalisation and Circular Economy.
  • Creation of an Observatory to provide accurate information on training needs in different countries through the use of Big Data.
  • Development of a methodology for reviewing professional profiles and qualifications related to the Construction industry.
  • Launch of an outreach campaign to promote the attractiveness of construction among young people and women, identifying and promoting solutions to facilitate the mobility of construction workers in Europe.
  • Creation of the Sectoral Skills Alliance to promote collaborative work and accompany the deployment of the new strategic approach.

The project website -currently in English, but which will be available in the official languages of the consortium throughout June- also offers other contents and resources about the project and the partners, other Blueprints sectorial initiatives, the Sectoral Skills Alliance, as well as news about the European Construction industry, the situation in the coronavirus crisis, etc.