EU apprenticeship pledge

Join the EU Alliance for Apprenticeships by signing the pledge for apprenticeships for the construction industry of tomorrow, TODAY!

Construction Blueprint. Skills Blueprint for the Construction Industry encourages – Professional organizations – Construction workers’ trade unions – Chambers of industry, commerce and crafts – Education and training providers To sign a pledge for apprenticeships for the construction industry of tomorrow. Companies and/or organisations interested in making a pledge should complete the application form.

What are the Apprenticeships for the construction industry of tomorrow ?

Within the framework of the Construction 2020 “Strategy for the sustainable competitiveness of the construction sector and its enterprises”, the European Commission has launched a communication campaign targeted at the construction sector to attract young talent and improve the image of the sector.

Among others it also aims to encourage the construction industry to offer more and better apprenticeships.

Pledges are commitments from key companies and organizations which claim their will and obligation to:

  • Increase the number and quality of apprenticeship places in the construction sector
  • Introduce elements of training in companies, construction training centers and/or schools that have not previously taken part in such schemes
  • Strengthen specific training in the construction sector, such as for energy efficiency, resource efficiency or digital economy
  • Transfer apprenticeship schemes which have proven their success in a country/region to another country/region where no such scheme is being used
  • Improve existing apprenticeship models, both general schemes practiced in a country/region and specific schemes in individual companies, to increase the quality, efficiency and visibility of such apprenticeship training models.

Why to sign a pledge?

The Construction Sector is in need to cooperate on skills in the Construction industry, and support a better matching between skills need of companies and skills provided by training centres. Participating and supporting the Apprenticeships for the construction industry of tomorrow is important to develop a new sectoral strategic approach in the Sector, leading to this.

Besides that your company’s commitment is a great chance to promote your company’s / organization’s values and effort. Your pledge will become visible at EU level. It is also a great chance for networking with other companies and organizations, fostering cooperation in future projects and sharing of good practices.

Check other pledges here to get inspired.

You can search the EAfA pledges by “Organization Type”, “Objective”, “Sector”.

How to sign a pledge?

Signing a pledge is rather easy.

Complete the pledge application form and return it to

For additional information you can always visit .